Wise Productions Debrief

Debrief, 07.03.08, Marie Hogg, Hayley Sheridan, Fabian Pfortmüller

Feedback NEF

  • Excellent job, good staff
  • Was excellent to have radio mics from them
  • Nice stage setting: worked well with having the speakers not centred, only 1 screen
  • Very good feedback for lightning in evening
  • Suits of Wise Technicians looked cheap
  • Some people found music stings in evening cheesy
  • Google Earth didnt work without music, first time was without music
  • Was unfortunate that we never received proofs for stage design & gobos
  • Very smooth transition when Jo the show caller had to leave

Feedback from Wise for NEF

  • Everything was very last minute: minute by minute, specification for music etc
  • Dress rehearsal should be a REAL run-through like on the next day including music, google earth, microphone changes etc, that would allow much a smoother transition
  • Was problematic that we always forgot to brief the hosts of the breaks and had to search for them during the session
  • Worked out with hand mics for panelists, next year maybe with lapels (clip mics)
  • Maybe do speaker briefings in ballroom?
  • Speakers often didnt turn up in time at the speaker briefing, needs to be communicated very clearly
  • Tonys interface -> text was too small to read on plasma screen
  • Was not a comfortable space for the distiller team to sit at the same table as Tony and Wise. -> Have seperate table for them.

Open Tasks

  • Marie sends rough edit of audio reccordings on dvd until end of next week
  • Marie sends over the remaining 3 lightboxes
  • Marie checks the invoice and sends it over
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