What actually happened at the Summit? Why were there differences to our objectives?

Our Objectives as New Energy Finance:

Stated Objectives (i.e. the ones we share with the participants and partners):

  • Create the leading thought space for the most senior investors in clean energy and the carbon markets
  • Celebrate the League Table winners
  • Provide the platform to enjoy and build the network… (build relationships)

Unstated Objectives (our internal ones):

  • Raise the profile of New Energy Finance amongst key players
  • Establish NEF Events - Awards as the dominant / leading industry platform
  • Execute a high quality, high impact, high profile live event
  • Enhance the services and products of NEF

(For your information - these were the challenges that defined back in October:

  • Timing and resources to execute within the timeline and targeted schedule
  • Ensuring a well designed program that has impact and is not overly complex
  • Getting the key opinion leaders and key clients to the table)

The debrief questions are:

  • What really happened at the Summit?
  • Why were there differences?

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