Table Host Debrief
  • Read our objectives for the event and tell us: what happened actually? why were there differences?

leading thought space - 3 (10) 4 (1) first time, lack of learning from LB keynote - not thought provoking, discussions were not thought provoking and leading, no NGOs with agenda

*platform for league tables

  • provide platform for networking - 3 (3) 4 (4) (good networking for industry leaders, bit incestuous with regards to Europe, what about companies involved in the space, not enough from asia), good to have decision makers in room, as table host option to network within table, metric of success was few business cards left "I only have 20 left".

*personal development - 1(1), 2 (4), 3(5), 4(1) = (TH not to give an opinion, too manz NEFers, best tables had mix of tables and perspectives
* engaging discussion - 3 (5), 4 (6) = (generally good, some issue, topics and questions earlier, preping wiht questions good) used green cards
Reinforce and devealope relationships - 2(2), 3(5), 4 (3) =

* What worked? What didn’t? Why?
good food (esp. dim sum)
didn't appreciate layout at lunch - akward
jingles to walk on stage good
fact sheets not used (on table would have been better) - second day lost so should go on tables
liked format - choppy, good flow from panel-floor-respondent
2 page of tips and tricks good
some disconnect between table questions and speakers
speeches of hosts too long - housekeeping before networking break introduction
to allow questions for panel
difficult or not to have 2 different questions??
tables did not mingles
participants left stuff on tables
questions not last minute
system froze a couple of times (mistake of unplugging)
two laptops where more difficult - worried about typos
video guys pulling people from table and it was disruptive
warning about camera man was around - flash too much
name picture organization for panelists
participant list too late
google earth both good or bad, names to small
flash in photo too strong
panelists identified as they speak - or list
more public Q&A for panel
tables were stuck
questions too late

* What would you do differently next time?
bigger name tags (badges cool)
questions should be discussed beforehand
rotation of table hosts and moving people up from back of room
switch table seatings before nw break
less or not more asians - difficult in discussions
format good
practice sessions good
slightly longer client only first day
8/10 would want to do again
2 page of helpful hints good

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