Sponsor Debrief

Heidrick & Struggles - Anita Hoffmann

Sponsor Objectives:

  • Be at an event where they meet customers & potentials customers & be able to promote themselves efficiently.

*Create good follow up opportunities

- What worked?
Met their objectives
Very happy with the way the summit worked out.
Think we met our objectives.
Good mix of people.
Formula worked - people mixed and communicated well
interactive format worked well
Good size - intimate.
Nice atmosphere and good energy created by the format which encouraged discussion.

-What didn’t? Why?
a few junior people snuck in
6 sessions may have been too many
Catalogues should have been included in the delegate bags
Some delegates didn't get badges even though they had asked several times.
Kelvin should have been at the top table not Anita.
Gareth Hughes should have been at top table but was not told on arrival. So empty place at table and he was a little offended.

-What would you do differently next time?
Create different dynamics to the sessions
Encourage people to change tables each session
Consider ways to get people to stay till the last session
Decrease length of closing session speech
Bigger size name stickers
Could increase the size of the event next year but not more than 200 or you lose the imtimate feeling.
Mix the session formats - voting etc.to change the pace

They are interested in partnering next years event.


BIRD & BIRD - Alistair Crellin

Sponsor Objectives:

*Pick up intelligence about the market situation

-What Worked?
format for the sessions worked well
Agreed that we met our objectives
Putting questions to tables
Facilitated networking effectively by encourageing discussions at the table
One if the best events he's been to
Summit was an appropriate name - it fulfilled its title
Format kept people involved and interested
Interview style worked well

-What Didn't Work?
Designated 'networking breaks' feel false
Lunch was difficult - standing to eat made things awkward

-What would you do differently next time?
Seek partner opinion on agenda content
Encourage moderators to ask controversial questions
Restrict size to maintain quality of attendees, so don't increase size drastically.
Dinner size can be increased it will still work nicely.

They are interested in sponsoring next years event.


Climate Change Capital - Gareth Hughes

Sponsor Objectives:

  • Networking, sharing gained knowledge
  • Speak with investors & meet new prospects
  • Meet with exisiting clients

- What worked?

Dinner was fantastic
Break-outs were a good chance to network
Interactive format worked well, created good debates happening real time
Wallace Collection was a good venue for the dinner
Having michael open the conference worked well
Size event was imtimate enough so that you could openly engage, size should stay the same

- What Didn't Work?

Consider special class for contributions in the league tables/ reward poineering activities/ special commendations
Seating plan for dinner & lunches. Give people better awareness of where they should be.
Nightclub doesnt suit the older members - consider alternative location for after dinner event
Have more investors attend & a more international flavour

- What would you do differently next time?

Discuss political challenges surrounding fossil fuel - other concequences that should be considered
Mix the tables during the summit to create interesting dynamics
Encourage people to write in and explain why they should be considered for a special commendation, which can be shown as a list of the top 5.
Small siginificant deals should be acknowledged as being part of a global initiative.
At the end round up key issues & see if people are interested in forming groups/discussions to take it one step further
Consider summits in other countries for the future
Run a mini event (round table style) in other countries as a spin off from the summit - a flow through the year
Brief the sponsors, display feedback & then offer sponsorship opportunities. Relationship building will set nef apart from the others

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