Sales Team Debrief
  • Read our objectives for the event and tell us: what happened actually? why were there differences?

Create leading thought space 4 (3) 3 (2)
Celebrate league tables 5 (1) 4 (3)
Create a leading platform for networking 4 (5)
Meet our clients/ Develop deeper relationships 2 (1) 3 (2) 4 (1) 5 (1) / 4 (2) 5 (3)
Develop sales pipeline for 2008 - too early to tell
Learn how to sell & develop sponsorships 3 (4) 4 (1)

* What worked?
Clients were able to have conversations with people they met & continue them outside of the event
The event was "slick" / well organised - people knew where to go
4 people to greet at reception & people to assist with taxis - there were always staff to help
Clients became friendly & more relaxed
Positive staff attitude was inspiring and fun to be around & had a good effect overall
Good choice of venue - upmarket - matched clientele. High standard all the way through incl food & drink
String quartet at reception & champagne were fantastic
Pre-summit dinner - good food, good company and great views
Ml/Jonas worked well as a team

*What didn’t? Why?
People sitting at the same tables, some people felt it became boring with same people repeatedly
Staff seated at side table - should've been more involved in the room. client facing.
Not clear about which staff were able to attend
Seating allocation would've been better
Pre Summit dinner wasn't full, communication with speakers wasn't strong enough
Sheep dog role was difficult - hard to locate speakers
Script for the awards, have a knowledgeable host next year. Eg. Michael or someone in house.
The font for awards categories should've been different from menu - clear separation.
Desktop demo wasn't used & there was very little interest. People were in a different mindset.

* What would you do differently next time?
Move people from table to table - allocate beforehand
Less duties would allow for more networking
For pre-summit dinner call speakers a week before to re-confirm
Have a gong at reception to signify beginning of dinner
Prep sheep dog in advance. Make announcements. Personal call from sheep dog before hand.
Consider 42" screen with desktop demo - something visually appealing
At closing reception show photos on the screen, make announcements.
Have 2 sheep dogs to work as a team - one in the partners lounge the other chasing speakers.
Consider having 2 private rooms, it was chaotic after sessions rather than a haven. Move video elsewhere.
Find a more exclusive club for next year - somewhere that matches the standard of the summit venue.
Breakfast tables allocated by theme, with experts at each table.

* Any personal comments, notes, suggestions, etc

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