Registration Desk Debrief

Create the leading thought space for the most senior investors in clean energy and the carbon markets 3 (1) 4 (5)

Celebrate the League Table winners 3 (4) 4 (2)

Provide the platform to enjoy and build the network… (build relationships) 3 (1)

Execute a smooth event 4 (6)

Create unique hospitality platform 4 (6)

Provide constant point of contact for guests 4 (3) 5 (3)

Have a clear idea who is who 2 (5)

Putting faces to names

*What worked?

Agenda & contact details on badges
Overall logistics
Suite as staff room worked well
Location of registration desk near cloackrooms meant smooth transitions
Set up of rooms worked well
Staff at the hotel provided exceptional service, no request was too difficult - service orientated, idea for an event like this.
Drinks reception worked well - black tie was good
Putting numbers on the awards & preparing in advance
Taxi's from hotel to wallace were efficient. Friendly drivers.
Having a stage girl
3 people at registration meant ability to deal with all situations & have the desk staffed at all times
Radios worked well for event team communication

*What didn’t? Why?

Too many people at the registration desk, they were bumping into eachother
NEF staff kept interrupting while they attempted to register participants
Shepherds not knowing their sheep
Participant list wasn't complete
Go-go girls at Maya
Feed back forms
Not enough badges - we need at least 50 extra.

*What would you do differently next time?

Add pictures to the badges
Prepare for who is coming - learn about the companies, talk to delegates as they arrive
Set up meetings for guests
Email to participants - reminder of black tie with links to local hire places
More knowledgable awards host
Split registration, 1 special desk for speakers & partners
Make the fact it was a green event more visible. Announce total carbon offset at the end of each day
Collect business cards in a bowl at registration desk.
Split the carbon people at the dinner
Have nef people on standby at the dinner incase of 'no shows'
Susan facilitates/moderates filling in of feedback forms. Before lunch on 2nd day
More modern location for Summit
Better briefing/ being involved at an earlier stage - responsible for preparing material from beginning.
Clear registration deadline - one week before event. Allocation of tickets for Michael.
Dinner registration - check only once, either on the door or at dinner entrance rather than both.
Tell speakers at registration what time their session briefing begins.
Internet connection for registration desk for the odd questions/requests.

*Any personal comments, notes, suggestions, etc

Giveaway: Branded nef usb stick with michaels presentation for the 2nd day
Big need to facilitate networking
Consider an nef host at each table or an nef host circulating but paying special attention to sponsor tables

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