Four Seasons Debrief

Meetig Notes, Meeting with Four Seasons


  • Eva Buchka, Four Seasons Event Manager, moc.snosaesruof|akhcub.ave#moc.snosaesruof|akhcub.ave
  • Mesut Kaya, Four Seasons Banquett Manager, moc.snosaesruof|ayak.tusem#moc.snosaesruof|ayak.tusem
  • Hayley Sheridan, NEF
  • Fabian Pfortmüller, NEF


Feedback from NEF

  • In general: excellent staff, excellent service, well done
  • F&B comments
    • There always needs to be coffee around in the morning, even when people just came from a breakfast or there was a welcome coffee. Many people arriving late and they all asking for coffee. Solution: always have coffee station outside of ball-room all day long or at least first 2,3 hours in the morning.
    • Asian Mid-morning break worked very well, people liked Dim-Sum
    • Asian Lunch was standard, nothing exceptional
    • If it's a standing lunch, there need to be enough high tables where people can stand at. First day, we had meat-station, which took up a lot of space.
  • It was hard to bring in people on time
  • Complaints from Clients that no Wifi in Hotel area
  • It would have been helpful to have a Gong in the break areas, was hard to bring in people on time without gong and sometimes guests almost felt pushed when staff was coming up all the time and asking them to go inside
  • The wardrobe was sometimes unattended altough people trying to bring / get things

Feedback from Four Seasons to NEF

  • It's important to point out the early arrivals in advance to the Hotel so they can prepare. Possibilities: have one or two rooms where people can have a shower and change, or use Fitness Facilities. But not possible with 20 Pax showing up. Need to check flight arrival times and clearly communicate check-in times at hotel.
  • The Four Seasons was annoyed that they didnt get feedback from Alistair. It was hard for the to figure out what the client (=Susan) actually wanted. When Fabian arrived, started from scrach again. Baba called them 2 days after Fabian had taken over to tell the Four Seasons that someone will taking over.
  • Some confusion with rooming list. HAYLEY; PLEASE FILL IN.
  • The setup on Wednesday was quite a mess from their view: more people than they expected, unclear who was doing what, Fabian hadnt communicated who is doing what. A lot of activity in the different rooms, it looked messy.
  • They were happy with having Hayley and Fabian as key contacts, no problem with double key contact. It was good for them that we were using the radio mics, so they could get in touch with us very easily.
  • Some minor problems with Wise: Wise blocked their elevator and it was temporarily out of order, although they were not supposed to block it.
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