Event Team Debrief
  • Create the leading thought space for the most senior investors in clean energy and the carbon markets 4 (5), 5(1)
    • Celebrate the League Table winners: 3 (2) 4 (4)
    • Provide the platform to enjoy and build the network… (build relationships): 2(1), 3(1), 4 (2),

Unstated Objectives (our internal ones):

* Raise the profile of New Energy Finance amongst key players
* Establish NEF Events - Awards as the dominant / leading industry platform
* Execute a high quality, high impact, high profile live event
* Enhance the services and products of NEF

Execute smooth event 3 (1), 4 (4), 5(1)
Dinner: transitions to sitting down and transition after dinner were all poorly executed. ML

dismissing before coffee
tables should have said SPONSORED table - handing out cards?
seating arrangements or free seating

- staff did not clear up tables
*create memorable event (hospitable platform)- 4 (4), 5(1)

*get sales at event - NA

  • Read our objectives for the event and tell us: what happened actually? why were there differences?

* What worked?
team worked well
partners lounge worked really well
Jo excellent - tuxes, cat herding, travel
reception desk
av team professional worked well
stage worked well
suite and staff room was good
timing worked well
stage management smooth
light boxes worked well
white bags versus black bags were good
plastic file folders were good (labels bad)
clipboards good
scarfs good
stop watch worked well
NEF as event staff was good - people with vested long term interest in event
all hands meeting - exercises good
ear pieces worked really well (Hayley, Fabian, Marie, Susan, Sonali??)
staff helping after TH briefing on wed.
Wednesday invaluable for dress rehearsal
thursday staff dinner good
Club good - numbers of people good, David good on getting people to go
green cabs - good idea
Wallace collection, was buzzy, side halls were quiet and good for the guides
chocolates out at the end was good
note from ML was good
tight schedule was good for awards dinner
little bit of buzz because because some people had not gotten invitation to summit

What didn’t? Why?
Wise - no music on first google earth
music awards bad
summit music not great either - african drumbeats$
conference room low ceilings
hotel in same place as conference??
harder number
things that can be done early can
participant lists, badges, potential
half naked girls at club bad
visit club on the night of the week and ask about girls
timing akward between summit, reception, and dinner - more time too tigh
food wasn't 100%, but staff was good
wine surviving wasn't 100%

* What would you do differently next time?
crack back stickers or more easily pealed
send some NEF people home on friday if necessary
closed circuit television in a different room
hard numbers, who was there
fudge to go to speakers earlier - sheep dog to hand out
market boxes for move back
better allocation of supplies
man in a van at the end - courier
wise crew in black t-shirts
allocation of specific roles at check in
registration place weak
speakers register in partners lounge
table for materials from partners, sponsors, etc
clarify drinking situation - Ken 'no', Chris 'yes' needs to be consistant
reading out awards during the dinner good? Different people presenting awards, Jasmine was out of loop (live music, comedian?)
like 'gobo's
day blue night red good
sting quartet good
Wallace collection was good - appearance
sales invitations out before Christmas
budget for at least one more full time events person

* Any personal comments, notes, suggestions, etc
good that no sponsors could bring their own banners
Bruce tozer toast, aurebach closing too long
really think about pricing for next year
sponsors in the background were good - tastefully done
ML make up good, always button jacket when on stage, jackets need to be shorter
handling of Lord Browne was not smooth - should be host with logistics team member
board room was really good for working in before summit

start of new summit off back of last summit

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