Create Debrief
  • Was very last minute everything
  • The menue was very time sensitive -> not so easy to move around timing at short notice. Warm starter, beef for main course and warm dessert are all very time critical.
  • To avoid long queues before dinner -> have table assignments on table board displayed already at Four Seasons and when people come in at Wallace
  • It was badly communicated that there was still coffee to be served
  • The awards took less time than planned
  • Some issues with having empty wine bottles on tables and waiters didnt fill them up during starters (-> that was as discussed with Fabian)
  • Food was very ok, not super fantastic

Message from Jenny, Create

"From our side I feel that perhaps we could look at the menu choice for future events considering the structure of your event. Having a a warm starter and dessert as well as a beef main course put emphasis on the need to keep to the schedule. With careful communication with Fabian we were able to work with this on this occasion however I think we should bear your specific schedule in mind when looking at the menu choices for future events.

One point of contact always helps with continuity. I do appreciate that Alistair from EMC2 falling ill was unexpected and therefore more people from your team were required to get involved. Fabian was fantastic to deal with, he was professional, organised and pulled everything together extremely well having come on board so late in the planning stages.

Then lastly a small point, I understand that your table arrangement was unusual with only 6 of the tables being fixed seating, however, from our experience having a table plan displayed during the reception means that seating guests for dinner runs a bit quicker and would save some time in a busy schedule."

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